Pão de Ló Conventual 500g

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Pão de Ló Conventual is a traditional sweet with a light and soft dough with over two hundred years old. With its moist texture in the centre of the cake, this dessert is a must on the Portuguese table at Easter and Christmas time, but is also appreciated at any time of the year.


Conventual Sponge Cake is a wet, egg-based, soft-looking regional cake.

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg

Wheat and eggs. May contain traces of milk, sulphites and nuts

Storage conditions

Keep in a dry and cool place and away from light.


pasteurized eggs,, salt, sugar, wheat flour.


Aveiro, Portugal

Net weight



ambient temperature – 5 days (after defrosting)



Energy 1419 kJ/339 kcal
Lipids 15,0g
Fibers 1,9 g
Proteins 11,8g
Salt 0,16g


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